Saturday, 15 October 2016

Creating Decorative Storage with Cardboard Boxes

If you look into your home, you may find a lot of boxes in the attic, the storage room or garage. If you are thinking about getting rid of those boxes because you haven’t anything in your mind regarding the reuse of those boxes, you may need to reconsider about this option. You can turn cardboard boxes into decorative baskets that would be used to store small items in your bedroom and living room. Good thing is that these boxes are going to adjust in overall design pattern of your living space.

The main benefit of cardboard boxes is that they so easy to decorate that you can do this project by following simple DIY guide. You might have in mind the bad DIY experience with the plastic bins. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything while you work with the cardboard boxes. These boxes provide convenience in handling in pretty natural way.

Some of the ideas, for decorating the cardboard boxes, mentioned below involve covering boxes using fabrics. You might find these fabrics at your home. Worn out or old clothes are very much applicable in this project. In other words, these ideas are all about recycling things for good.
If you have old sweaters and a cardboard box, you can cover the box using the flawless piece from one of those sweaters just like what is shown in the image.

A crate-like look of the box at an appropriate place surely looks wonderful, especially when you know that this look is created only to give an aesthetic display. Wrapping a craft paper with faux wood print is exactly what we are talking about. This small trick doesn’t cost much but what you get is priceless.

Finding something from a drawer with a lot of small items giving a messy display is definitely irritating and time wasting. As easy solution to this problem is to create a desk organizer inside the drawer. For this purpose, you will need several small-sized cardboard boxes. If you like decorations, you can wrap craft papers around those boxes. Now adjust those boxes in a way that they would occupy entire space that draw has to offer. Now you can tag the boxes with the item type names. This project is about creating ease in accessing items in a drawer.

We often get cardboard crates when we receive electronic shipments such as LCD, laptop computer or something smaller packed in rectangular box with a height of 3 – 4 inches. These boxes can be used for making hanging file boxes which are shown in the image.

These are just a few ideas about how you can utilize cardboard boxes not only to enhance storage options but also to enhance interior design.

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